Characteristic of Corrugated Steel Plate

  • Corrugated steel plate is the material for structure for which the steel plate material for structure of constant size (SS400,SS490,SS590) has been molded to increase the hardness, which has procured the design service life of more than 50-100 years through the molten zinc galvanizing (dual side 900g/㎡)
  • Economic and eco-friendly product with simple construction method compared to other method, convenient transportation, fine aesthetic appearance, and structural stability
  • Available to utilize for various structures from bridge, excavating tunnel, ecological tunnel, noise barrier tunnel, military installations to underground culvert

Merits of Corrugated Steel Plate

  • Shortened construction period through fast construction
  • Secure a long product life through solid durability to realize excellent economic feature
  • Available to reduce construction cost by 15-30% compared to that of steel concrete structure
  • Light material with easy & simple transportation
  • Available for fast construction through bolt assembly reducing the construction period by 30-50% compared to other construction methods
  • Available emergency construction through partly repair at aging, flood recovery, repair & reinforcement
  • Uniform quality out of factory manufactured product
  • Excellent quality maintained through the integrated management from design to manufacturing, construction, and site management
  • Secure a long expected service life applied with molten zinc galvanizing (900g/㎡) on the surface of steel material
  • Eco-friendly product compared to concrete structure as it is available for 100% recycle according to the characteristic of steel material
  • Easy to harmonize the surrounding landscape through inner & external decorations
  • Smooth connection between waterway in upper & lower streams and waterway culvert to relieve bottleneck phenomenon

Landscape Planning

Harmonious high class technology with the coexistence of living and nature!

Beautiful environment utilizing the upper soil of structure actively, Design to a convenient and useful space.
Create a refined space with inner & outer corrugated steel plate utilizing natural stone, lumber finish, and reinforced soil pattern.

Reinforced soil block shape

Steel Material Lining Finish

Wood Lining Finish

Front Wall Stone Attachment

Dimension & Construction Order

Dimension of Corrugated Steel Plate

Types Thickness(t) Groove Pitch(p) Groove Depth(d) Bending Radius(r)
Standard Type 2.7~7.0 mm 150 mm 50 mm 28 mm
Deep Groove Type Type1 3.42~7.01 mm 380 mm 140 mm 76 mm
Type 2 3.00~9.00 mm 400 mm 150 mm 81 mm

Construction Order of Corrugated Steel