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As a leading CSP(Corrugated Steel Pipe) company in Korea, Fixon has paved a new road toward the future. Our ambitious efforts have produced a number of outstanding successes.
Among them are a new technology and system to produce polyethylene laminated CSP consuming less time and cost, and a 100% water-tight joint system for CSP that have resolved the biggest homework of the CSP industry for a century.

Fixon made another big step in 2007 to start producing Bridge-Plate, deep corrugated structural plate, establishing a joint-venture company in Gwayang with Armtec Ltd., one of the world’s best civil products company in Canada. By producing Bridge Plate we not only replaced imported products in the Korean market but also export the products toward the global market. Fixon is the only company producing both corrugated steel pipe and corrugated steel plate in Korea.

Fixon will never stop its dynamic growth. We feel carrying a great mission as a front runner of the industry to contribute to improving the products and developing the industry.
We will continue our research and development, and Fixon’s research institute established in 2001 is conduction the leading role. Our effort to be the best is for our neighbors. By sharing our growth we will maintain the leadership in the industry and the society.
Would you like to join us? Thank you.