RC Reinforcement Construction Method

Excellent form in place that secures the round trip with 8 lanes!

Four cases of patent in Korea and the international patents in U.S, Canada, Australia, Russia, Italy have been registered by FIXON for the exclusive construction method of corrugated steel plate structure with RC reinforcement through the application of all-in-one metal mould.

Scope and Detail


Method to reinforce the bolted corrugated steel plate arch by placing concrete into U-shaped steel forms installed with steel framework above the steel structure which is forming beam lining as RC reinforcement.


This new technology is a corrugated steel plate structure which is assembled with bolts and nuts and is complete with backfill on top of the structure and they can be applied to small bridge, eco tunnel for wide animals, open tunnels, general entrance and exit for tunnels, water reservation tank, etc.

RC Reinforcement Construction Method Merits

Special Merits

  • Applicable for a structure with more than 19m long span, a structure of high soil cover, and a structure with earth pressure
  • Optimize the converted cross sectional area of RC for the flexible movement of corrugated steel plate and concrete
  • Improve the limit of span from 16m to 28m to be applicable for the section of high soil cover
  • Shorten the construction period by 50% compared to RC Rahmen Bridge and by 40% to technologies in overseas
  • 80% level of construction cost compared to RC Rahmen Bridge and 93% to overseas construction method

Excellent utility


No traffic control required
during construction

Applicable at sites with uneven
soil cover and high soil cover

Harmony with its

RC Reinforcement and Utilization Method

Engineering principles and its application and advantages

  • In corrugated steel structure reinforced with reinforced concrete, it is the engineering principle to adjust the cross sectional area uniformly so that the composite material and flexural behavior for plastic hinge behave in a ductile manner
  • This method has improved the maximum span from 16m to 26m and it can be applied to the project with high soil cover, which makes it possible to expand the range of application

RC Reinforcement process