Noise Barrier Tunnel

Excellent Noise Block Effect! Economic Construction Cost!

Innovatively solve the noise pollution and the reduction of green belt out of fast increasing roads and vehicles

General Purpose

  • With fast construction, 20% cheaper cost than other construction method and about 30% noise reduction effect
  • Structure that has secured economic feature based on the durability through structural stability
  • Optimum harmony with city landscape by using skylight to induce natural light

Park Creation Purpose

  • Increasing effect of green belt as it is a structure to create park on corrugated steel plate
  • Merit of beautiful appearance through the creation of downtown green belt
  • Available for traffic pass at the bottom, available for the installation of various facilities such as sports facility and playground as well as park

Covering Purpose

  • Tunnel structure with lightless noise block for the prevention of foreign substances and dust

Special Merits

  • About 20% cheaper than other construction method
  • Short construction period, available for minimum civil complaints through traffic opening during construction
  • With excellent structural stability, eliminate the concern about natural disaster
  • With excellent noise block capability, create pleasant residential environment
  • Easy to harmonize with surrounding landscape through internal & external decorations, and applicable to eco-friendly facility by using ecological plants
  • Simple washing without separate maintenance and management
  • Excellent openness, and in case of park creation purpose, realize the same effect as the creation of underground of road
  • – Preventing exhausting gas from cars and foreign substances, etc.