PF Corrugated Steel Pipe

Guarantee 100% Perfect Water Seal!

  • Realize the feature of high water seal through the permanent mounting of polyethylene flange
  • Available for fast construction with a simple bolt assembly method
  • Available for the application not only to rain water pipe and drain pipe, but also to sewer pipe and wastewater pipe

Perforated Pipe

Effective Rain Water Management!

  • Used widely for sports field, tennis court, golf range, tunnel, and park
  • Used largely for the constructions of large scale sports field, stone filled drain in tunnel, and vertical drainage construction for housing site creation with tight perforation and high external strength

Corrugate Steel Pipe Manhole

Perfect Water Seal, Fast Construction!

  • All-in-one product, available for fast construction without separate process
  • Available for the delivery of special dimension through the order manufacturing system for customer response