Characteristic of Corrugated Steel Pipe

Flexible pipe with a spiral shape created by molding molten zinc galvanizing steel plate into a wave shape to increase its hardness

Ideal drain structure with long life, economic and easy construction as it has structural safety, durability and corrosion resistance

Product mainly used for drain pipe in diverse civil engineering works, and widely used for industrial complex, housing development, golf range, apartment, underground path, road construction site, and rain storage tank

Merits of Corrugated Steel Pipe

Excellent Economy

  • ast construction, a procurement of long service life, and a recycling of raw material
  • Reduction of maximum 60% construction cost (material cost, subsidiary facilities) compared to that of hume pipe
  • – The length of pipe can be altered upon customer’s request

High Strength

  • Flexible pipe by molding groove on steel plate to give a load carrying capacity for the uniform distribution of weight and reaction force around the pipe to maintain large load carrying capacity
  • Available to construct with 1/5-1/10 weight and about 1/20-1/40 thickness compared to the hume pipe of same pipe diameter

Easy Transportation

  • Available to transport and store with manpower in a narrow place without machine as it is light weight

Easy Construction

  • Easier basic construction than rigid pipe as it is light and flexible
  • Short construction period as it is possible to construct even by unskilled man through the bolt assembly

Long Service Life

  • Maintain long service life by adding zinc galvanizing (dual side 600g/㎡) and PE film coating to secure corrosion resistance

Environment Friendly

  • Possible 100% recycle and minimum carbon discharge for raw steel material being used

Connection Method for Corrugated Steel Pipe

(Corrugated Steel Pipe with Small Diameter)

Coupling Band
(HPL Corrugated Steel Pipe / PL Corrugated Steel Pipe / General Corrugated Steel Pipe / Rib Steel Pipe)

Flange (PF Corrugated Steel Pipe)

Saddle T Connection

Manhole Connection

T Shape Connection

Specification of Corrugated Steel Pipe

Symbol Dimension
Pitch of Corrugation(P) Height of Corrugation(H) Bending Radius of Corrugation(r)
SCP 0RS 38.0 6.5 7.1
SCP 1RS 68.0 13.0 17.5
SCP 3RS 76.2 25.4 17.5
Types Manufacturing Dimension
General Corrugated Steel Pipe, PL Corrugated Steel Pipe, HPL Corrugated Steel Pipe PF Corrugated Steel Pipe Rib Steel Pipe Perforated Pipe
SCP 0RS D150~D600 D250 D150~D250 D150~D600
SCP 1RS D300~D1800 D300~D1000 D300~D1800 D300~D1800
SCP 3RS D900~D3600

Nipple & Curved Pipe

Dimension of Corrugated Steel Pipe

* Reference : Design and Installation specification for CSP: POSCO & Korea Iron & Steel Association(2006 May)